Writing and publishing a new blog post I

Now you’ve made your blogger blog. After you’ve been created your blog, you’ll be taken to a page where you can start writing and publishing your new blog post. There you’ll also be able to change all the settings and format of your blog, control the comments and change your current template if you want.

After setting up your blog, you are taken to the Create New Post page. Start by giving your post a title (optional), and then enter the post itself:

Here when you are writing the post in the writing space make sure the compose tab is active.
Blogger's post editor has three modes:

  • Compose: a wysiwyg mode where you manipulate text with formatting buttons

  • Edit HTML: a raw mode where you edit the html manually

  • Preview: renders a full-body preview of the post, including its Title, links and images

To switch among these modes, simply click on the appropriate link:

If you'd rather not use the wysiwyg editor, you can disable it in the Settings Basic tab in Blogger. The formatting buttons are only available in certain browsers. Keyboard shortcuts are also available; they can greatly speed up the posting process and we encourage you to use them.

Features, from left-to-right:

  • Font

  • Font size

  • Bold

  • Italic

  • Font color

  • Link

  • Left-justify

  • Center

  • Right-justify

  • Full-justify

  • Ordered (numbered) list

  • Unordered (bullet) list

  • Block quote

  • Spell check

  • Upload imageRemove formatting from selection

Blogger developing an advanced, standards-compliant web-based rich text editor give you a convenient way to writing, publishing and edit your blog post.

When you're done, click the Preview link to make sure it's ready to go:

Once you're satisfied with your post, click the orange color PUBLISH POST button. This will publish your new post.

You’ll be displayed the message Your blog post published successfully!, now click “view blog” link to see your blog.
In our next post “writing and publishing a new blog post II” you’ll find further more explanation to write you a blog post.