How to make a blogger blog?

How to make a blogger blog tutorial, explains very simply, how to create, set up and start your blogger blog today. Also explains in details how to start writing blog-posts, how to adjust all the essential settings at blogger, how to promote your blog, how to monetize and how to get traffic for free. Step by step guide on how to register with major social book marking sites, blog directories and other free traffic generating sites.

To start to create your blog with Blogger, simply sign in with your Google Account. (If you use Gmail, Google Groups, or orkut, you already have an account.) You do not require you to have a Gmail address to log in to Blogger or to create a Google Account. If you don't have or want a Gmail account, you can still create a Google Account. A Google Account is made up of any email address and password of your choosing. If you don't have a Google Account yet, you can create one now.

A Gmail account comes with a built-in Google Account. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use your Gmail address and password to sign in to any other Google services you use. You can also merge your Blogger account with this existing Google Account, rather than creating a new one, and then use the same login information at

Google Account functions as a single Google login, made up of an email address and password of your choosing. It gives you access to various Google services, including AdWords, Google Groups, Google Alerts, Froogle Shopping List, Personalized Search, your Personalized Homepage, and Google Answers. If you've used any of these services before, you already have a Google Account. Google Accounts are better protected against fraud, impersonation, and abuse.1. To get started with Blogger, visit the Blogger homepage, the following page will be displayed.
2. When you click orange color CREATE A BLOG button at Blogger, the following page will appear, this page is to create your Google account by choosing a username, a password and a display name – the name that will appear on your blog. Most people don’t put their own name on the blog but if you like you can.


3. If you already have any Google account, enter your username and password, and click Sign in. In the “Display name” box, you have to give name; you don’t have to confuse trying to come up with some nice title. “Peter’s Blog” or “Ann’s Blog is enough. In the next step you’ll be asked to create your “Blog title” and a URL. This will be You might have to enter few possibilities before you come up with an URL that hasn’t been taken. That’s because you are not the first person to start blogging. Also you can create use your custom domain name, we’ll be explaining about creating a custom domain later in more detail.

4. Final stage is to select a template. Blogger offers twelve templates to start with. They are all good professional design though you don’t like them, and you change it later. There’s a good selection at

5. Your blog has been created.
In less than five minutes you’ve got your own blog. In this post How to make a blogger blog tutorial explained how to setup a blogger account. Next we are going to discuss “writing and publishing a new post