Google Spam Fighter Gita Cherry Prabhandhari

Perhaps not many know a beautiful girl named Gita Cherry Prabhandhari complete this. Gita is the first and only (the one and only!) Webmaster Indonesian people who worked in the office of the search engine giant Google.
Gita Cherry PrabhandhariGita digital media enthusiasts girl was born in Indonesia, obtained post-graduate scholarship to continue his studies in Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University in Japan and now works as a Search Quality Associate - Indonesian at Google's headquarters in the city of Dublin Ireland. Wow! This Indonesian heroine who declared himself as the Google spam-fighter! So for bloggers who like this spammer, she spies Google specifically for supervise spammers in Indonesia.

Gita also the people who contributed a lot to help Kaspar Szymanski (Google Web spam Team) to answer questions straight from the Indonesian bloggers when Google announced that "SEO Contest in Indonesia Violating Google TOS" in March 2012 yesterday.

Gita Cherry Prabhandhari

The third master sweet Indonesian, English and Japanese have specialist in Spam Investigation, Digital Media Planning, Web Analytics, Oral History, Social Research and Web Building. Then, because of his position as a Search Quality Associate - Indonesian then Gita has several key tasks such as:
  •  A review of the quality and content of the site 
  • Improve the quality of Google's search results by evaluating websites to identify areas of concern and interest 
  • Work with engineering team to improve the quality of Google search
  •  Develop and share practices for search quality investigation and analysis
  •  Examine and analyze search quality issues in Google's index
  •  Focus on the quality of Google search in Indonesia

There is one thing that is still a question for me about this girl, that was born in what, from my browsing in cyberspace I cannot find references Cherry Prabhandhari age, but if you see him graduate high school in 2004, most likely born in Cherry Prabhandhari 1985 / 86an.

I’m Gita Cherry Prabhandhari, currently fighting spam for Google Search Quality team. LavaGyre is the nick I use for social media accounts. My mother gave me Cherry as a nickname, hence I’m also known as Cherry Prabhandhari.
This is a resume website I made for professional purposes such as job-hunting, internships, and academic applications. It helps future employers or universities to find out my background, mostly things that I could not provide during formal interviews due to limited space and time. Feel free to check out where and what I have been studying, what I do, as well as what skills and qualifications I possess. You can also visit, a blog I regularly write.

This website serves as an online version of my resume, which is more detailed than the traditional one. Should you prefer to look at the traditional version of my resume, you can always download the pdf files located on the sidebar, which are available in Indonesian, English, Japanese and Spanish. (Still under construction, will be ready soon).
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