Why Choose Blogger

There are a few blogging platforms out there you can use to make your own blog, but blogger is still most recommended and most used by many bloggers. And in this article I will tell you why.

It’s FREE and the best there is

There may a lot of free blogging platforms but some of them have limitations, these limitations include storage or bandwidth limits, and you cannot put ads or custom scripts, you cannot edit your template code or the design of your blog. Blogger has unlimited storage for photos and no limit of number of posts.

More gadgets/widgets available

Blogger is the most used blogging platform so there also are many gadgets you can shoes from, and you can search on google for any customization you want for your blog and you can definitely find it, and also for blog templates, there are numerous websites offering wide variety of designs to choose from.

No worries of your blog being hacked

If you host your own blog, wordpress for example on web hosting sites you may have risks about website hacking. And if you do not know how to secure a website hosted online, you may end up losing all your works. But for blogger your blog is hosted by google/blogger so you can rely that your blog is in good hands. And there haven’t issues of blogger blogs that have been hacked yet.