Google: Bloggers’ Best Friend

Google: Bloggers’ Best Friend
To be more specific with our title, Google is the best friend of all bloggers and we should keep that in mind. In this article I will let you know the benefits us bloggers can get from Google itself. Google firstly is the main source of visitors of our blogs, and if you still don’t know google or google search specifically is the most trafficked or most used website today and the second is facebook, so you must more concentrate on SEO or getting your blog ranked higher in search engines specially google than any sites. I’m not saying facebook is not a good place to market your blog because as I have said facebook is the second in the line to google when it comes to worldwide ranking.

Every experienced blogger should by now have an idea how important it is to do all steps to rank high in google. Especially for those blogs that are used to generate more traffic and income of course. If there is no traffic no income also, we bloggers know that. From the title this article will show you the importance if google for our blogs, and further more I will explain in later articles the steps to make your blog rank high in google.

And for bloggers that use blogger we should always attribute our blog to of course, because bloggers is free to use and we can earn with it without investing a single penny in web hosting even in domain name bills, blogger deserve to be attributed to all blogs using it. Simply not removing the powered by google link in the footer of our blog template can show our gratitude to blogger.

Do not forget also google adsense. It is by far the most used, trusted, and highest paying advertising company. And also owned by google so all bloggers that are using adsense should also thank google for the online earning opportunity that google gave them. There may be a lot of alternatives to adsense but come on, we all know and all those who tried to use these felt the superiority of adsense in many terms like for instance: ad relevance to the content, higher earning potential, and reliability.

I personally have no affiliation to google but all bloggers must consider the fact that google has the most important role in the success of blogging.