Does Blogging Require any Skill?

Do Blogging Require any Skill?
Is there any skill or talent needed in making a blog?

Well blogging alone can be considered a skill, but i mean by that is a good blog, and a successful one too. But for those who are asking if you need any skill or talent to start a blog I will try to answer it in this article.

You do not need any skill actually to make and manage a blog. If you will use, I can say it is self study already and you can do it in no time. You just have to create a google account and make blog. Almost all instructions are there. I can say you only need basics of computer and internet operation and you can already start a blog.

But if you are planning to user wordpress instead, this time you must be at least familiar with web hosting already, you can take time  to learn it on your own or read some tutorials on installing wordpress on a web host. Wordpress for me is for those experiences bloggers only. Mostly wordpress users used blogger before and decided to host their own blog and content instead. Every first time bloggers should try blogger first to see if they can be successful then they may decide to use wordpress.

The only simple requirement for blogging aside from internet knowledge is creativity, open mindedness, and basics on english grammar, these are at least the things you must have in yourself to be able to run a blog.