Common Mistakes of New Bloggers

Common Mistakes of New Bloggers
Common mistakes that new bloggers do

All things that I will write here in our article today are those that all new bloggers always do that they think will help their blog get more traffic or increase page rank instantly. And you should never these as it does the direct opposite.

Joining auto link or auto traffic exchange sites

First thing is joining link exchange or traffic exchange sites, specially those that are automated. It's true that having many links to your site will increase your page rank but if these links are from auto link exchange site, google will disregard them and eventually give your blog a low page rank instead. I'm not saying link exchange is not good but you should pick the sites to exchange your link with. A better way to have good back links is to find high pr blogs and contact the author directly via email or via his/her blog's contact menu.

Money before content 

Another one is thinking of earning money immediately even if they have just started blogging for a few days or weeks. If your thinking like them, you cannot expect to be a successful blogger. In blogging you can't make money instantly, i'm sure most new bloggers are like this. To be a successful blogger in the future you just have concentrate on writing articles first, And if you reach at least 20 posts you can now start to monetize your blog. Normally you should start making money after a month or two. That time you should already wrote a decent number of articles and your blog is fully indexed by search engines.

Copying content from other blogs

You can't consider yourself a blogger if you are just copying articles of blog authors. And you can't also all it a blog. As we know copied contents get a very low page rank and meaning no visitors at all. Some may still get visitors if they manage to spin the words and make it unique but the original content will still rank higher in search results for sure. And if you're thinking of applying to the famous google adsense with copied contents only, never expect to be approved. Well that's it for now. Comment your reactions and queries.