Common Blogging Terms with Definitions

Common Blogging Terms with Definitions
Here are the most common terminologies used in blogging with brief explanations each.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization. Making your blog rank higher in search engines and get more visitors.

Monetize - Make money with your blog. It is by terms of advertisements, sponsors, affiliates.

Ads in blogs - These ads is where a blogger earn money. Advertisers will display ads in a blog and pay the blogger for amount of visitors and ad clicks.

Affiliates - This is also a way to earn money in blogging wherein you will suggest or refer a visitor to a certain product or service and you be paid for every referral.

Niche - The main topic of your blog. This is where all articles are focused on.

Web hosting - Where you will be hosting your blog. An example is on or which is free and very popular and trusted. You may also try paid hosting and the most recommended platform to use is Example of paid hosting are bluehost, dreamhost, etc.

Blogging platform - Examples: Blogger, Wordpress.

These are at least the most common used terms.

more terms and definitions will be posted later or you can ask for the meaning of a certain word in the comments below.